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An official transcript of a student's academic record will, on written request of the student, be mailed directly to the institution indicated in the request or given to the student in a sealed envelope bearing the inscription "Official transcript enclosed. Invalid if seal broken on envelope." Requests from third parties must be accompanied by a signed authorization from the student.


Official transcripts will not be released to you, or on your behalf, if financial or other obligations to the College are outstanding.


Transcripts will be sent regular mail and/or available for pickup within five business days of receiving your order. Fees for transcripts are for each copy ordered, and are payable in advance. An additional $25 fee will be charged for rush service. Transcripts can also be faxed to an institution ($10.00) or sent by courier - at cost.


Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation of the Province of B.C., the College of New Caledonia cannot accept transcript requests without the student's signature. Parents or partners wanting to order or pick up transcripts for a student must have that student's signed authorization specifically requesting the release and including the name of the person who will be acting for them.


Ordering transcripts 


Transcripts may be ordered in one of four ways:


Online Go to your student account at CNC Connect and login, fill out the Transcript Request section and submit your payment online of $11.20 for Regular 5- business day processing or $36.20 for Rush 1-business day processing.

In person Requests may be made at any of the CNC campuses. Cost for Regular 5- business day processing $16.80 or for Rush 1- business day processing $41.80.

By mail Written requests should be mailed with the Transcript Request form. Include payment or a credit card number.  Cost for Regular 5-business day processing $16.80 or for Rush 1-business day processing $41.80.

College of New Caledonia

Office of the Registrar

3330 22nd Ave.

Prince George, BC V2N 1P8

By fax Send requests to (250) 561-5861 on the form below. Faxed requests must include a Visa or MasterCard number with expiry date, as well as your signature.  Cost is $26.80 for Regular 5-business day processing or $51.80 for Rush 1-business day processing.

Download a request for official transcripts.


The following information is required to complete a transcript transaction:

  • Full name of the student requesting the transcript. Include your maiden name if applicable.
  • Student number (or birth date if you can't remember your number)
  • The number of copies required.
  • The full address of where you would like transcript(s) sent to.
  • Your signature. We cannot process your request without this.


Methods of payment:

Cash and Interac debit card: In person only

Cheque or money order: In person or by mail

Visa or MasterCard: Online, in person, by mail, or by fax (please include your full Visa or MasterCard number and expiry date).

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8 1-800-371-8111
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