Student election information

Education Council and the College Board

The following information is taken from the College of New Caledonia Education Council Handbook.

"Rules for the election are intended to be in accordance with the College and Institute Act amended by Bill 22.

The rules and regulations shall guide elections to fill vacancies in the following positions:

  • Board: One faculty - three-year term, one support staff - three-year term, two students - one-year term
  • Education Council: Ten faculty - two-year term, two support staff - two-year term, four students - one-year term
  1. Election - Dates and Notice

    Election Dates - Normally, elections to the College Board and Education Council shall be conducted in the Fall term.
  2. Eligibility to Vote and Serve
    Students - In order to be eligible to vote and serve on the College Board or Education Council, a student must be registered and in good standing in a course or program (excluding CE or contract courses or programs) at the time of the election.
  3. Nominations
    a) Number of Nominations

    Students - all nominations of candidates for membership on the College Board or Education Council shall be signed by not less than five (5) students entitled to vote in the particular election along with the name and signature of candidate.

    b) Nomination Paper

    All nomination forms must be submitted to the Registrar's office within the time nominations are open. The signature of the candidate will indicate an intention to stand for election, as well as indicating ability and intent to fulfil the term.

    c) Election to College Board

    Students - Two students shall be elected at large by all eligible students for one-year terms.

    d) Election to Education Council

    Four students shall be elected to Education Council for one-year terms.

Meeting dates

Education Council meetings are held monthly from September to June on a Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the Board Room. College Board meetings are held six times a year from September to June."