Security, safety & first aid on PG campus

Security is the first responder for First Aid, and may be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling local 200.

Security’s many other services may be requested by calling local 5821 from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday, or by the following methods.

  • By calling local 200 any time.
  • By using the red emergency phones located throughout the College.
  • By using any pay phone with an S button.
  • By using the emergency phones located in the parking lots and elevators.
Distress phones


As it gets darker earlier during the winter months, please remember that Security is available for a Safewalk to your vehicle or anywhere else on the Campus.

If you have any questions or concerns about campus safety or are interested in other services provided, please contact the Facilities Services department.

Evacuation procedure

The fire alarm operates in two stages. A slow intermittent ring signals a fire occurring in another area of the College. A fast ring indicates a fire in the immediate area, and everyone must leave the building via the nearest exit — the elevators must not be used.

Students needing help to evacuate are asked to go directly to the refuge areas located in the second floor foyer by the Library, third floor foyer, and first floor Atrium area.

Emergency messages to individual students

The College does not have a public address system that extends to classrooms. Given the large number of students and classrooms, it is impossible to communicate messages to individual students, except in genuine emergencies. In some cases, messages may be relayed through the Students' Union office at 250-562-7415 or 250-562-2131, local 5365, or through the switchboard 250-562-2131, extension 0.