The CNC Brand


Our brand is who we are. It defines our reason for being and what we promise to offer as an institution. The College of New Caledonia brand acts as a springboard for how we talk, think, look and act. It will help guide our decisions and ensure we’re recognized as a world-class institution.

CNC has gone through change and is looking to move towards a new era. As a college, we are growing and investing in new ways to approach teaching, learning and student success. With our 50th anniversary on the horizon this September 2019, we have an opportunity to tell a new story and set a new path with our brand and website.

Here, you’ll find tools and guidelines to help you learn about our new brand and incorporate it into your work.

Project Overview

CNC’s new brand wasn’t chosen or designed in isolation. The project involved the entire college community – every step of the way. Several hundred people provided their input in interviews, collaborative workshops, feedback sessions, and steering committees. Students (current and prospective), employees, instructors, alumni, donors, partners, and stakeholders all participated in the project over its 14 months.

Participation by the Numbers:

  • 37 attendees at brand definition workshops
  • 11 focus groups
  • 23 interviews
  • 530+ participants in workshops and sessions
  • 66 presentations and meetings with different stakeholders, campuses, and steering committees
  • 107 participants (and counting!) in brand training

Brand Toolkit

Our brand toolkit outlines the core elements of our brand, designed to work together to create a unified voice, look and feel. Our new brand should be used consistently across all platforms and all of our campuses. When our brand is used in a uniform way, it becomes instantly recognizable and sets us apart in a competitive market.

Downloads & Guidelines/Policies

Brand Video

Frequently asked questions

Why is CNC rebranding?

It all started with hiring Canadian-based market research firm, Leger Marketing (linked - to support the project. After extensive surveys throughout CNC’s region and the province, Leger identified a disconnect between CNC’s reputation and its visual identity:

  • CNC had an 81% reputation score (similar to Google or Shoppers Drug Mart), BUT
  • only 45% of respondents had a positive opinion of CNC’s current logo, and
  • only 21% thought the logo stood out among other colleges.
  • It’s been since 2004 that CNC has rebranded—most organizations rebrand at least every ten years.
  • Great timing: CNC is turning 50 this September!
  • It’s an opportunity to reset and regain consistency within the organization regarding our look and feel, and consistently builds trust and value.

What are the benefits of rebranding?

A major rebrand will result in increased brand identification and recognition among BC’s colleges, and beyond. Other postsecondary institutions that have rebranded have seen increased revenue and student enrollment as a direct result of a new visual identity.

  • Capilano University (Vancouver, BC) 2016 rebrand—improvement in Capilano’s reputation and increase in student enrollment that hasn’t happened in several years
  • Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC) 2012 rebrand—250% increase in website visits, 12% increase in full-time domestic student enrollment, 7% increase in staff and faculty, $1.7 million additional funds for new programs
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) (Calgary, AB) 2016 rebrand—10% lift in digital engagement, increased brand awareness in local Alberta markets, increased student enrollment
    • “Brand is the most valuable asset post-secondary has.” – Dr. David Ross, President and CEO of SAIT

Was there any consultation done with the CNC and wider community about this project?

Yes! Over 500 people provided their input in interviews, collaborative workshops, feedback sessions, and steering committees. We consulted students (current and prospective), employees, instructors, alumni, donors, partners, and stakeholders throughout the project.

We gave over 65 presentations to key groups on campus, including town halls and presenting to program coordinators and student stakeholders. Project updates were made available via email, a dedicated project webpage, and the CNC Connection newsletter.

Can you explain the logo concept?

The font for the primary and secondary logos is classic and contemporary. It’s bold, yet understated, and gives a nod to the long-standing history that CNC has within the region. The bar is a unique, simple graphic element of the logo, and it represents one of CNC’s most important brand qualities: connection. You will see the bar being used creatively throughout design and campaigns, extending the life of the brand as we evolve and grow.

CNC’s Brand Guidelines give direction on when to use the primary and secondary logos, but the primary logo is to be used in most cases.

What else is being developed as a result of the rebranding project?

  • New website
  • New intranet for employees
  • 400 new original photos featuring CNC campuses, students and programs, and a commitment to end using stock photography
  • Official policies, process, guidelines and governance for brand and website
  • Drag-and-drop templates and a Canva account for designing consistently, college-wide
  • Training and communities of practice developed for peer support
  • Asset replacement

Where do I find more information?

For questions on CNC’s new brand, email us at