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How Do I Apply?

  • Sign up for a placement assessment at the Admissions Office.
  • Pay the $5.00 assessment fee.
  • Attend the assessment session.
  • Receive results and register for classes.

What Happens at the Placement Assessment?

  • There is a brief explanation of CCP levels, classes and timetables.
  • The Assessment has 3 parts: English (Reading and Writing), Mathematics, and Science. You write only those parts that                                                                             are relevant to your educational goals.
  • The results of this assessment help determine which courses are suitable for you.
  • When finished, you will receive your results and discuss your course selection based on your educational goals.
  • You will leave the assessment session with your registration form.


What Happens after the Placement Assessment?

  • Take the registration form you received at the assessment session to the Admissions Office.            
  • Register for classes.