Career Technical Centre

Welcome to CTC!

The Career Technical Centre is a partnership between the College of New Caledonia and School District No. 57. This partnership allows high school students to have a unique opportunity during Grades 11 and 12. Students in select school districts can take two semesters at CNC and two at high school, graduating with both their Grade 12 and their first year of technical training. Imagine graduating high school with one year of college already completed!

“CTC will give [anyone] an advantage in life that many students [can] only dream of.” Rob Bacon

The education provided to high school students through the CTC program is the same college education that can ladder directly to further post-secondary training. Students receive both high school elective credits and college credits in their program of choice. These college credits are also transferable to dozens of post-secondary institutions throughout Canada and elsewhere.

Great reasons to choose CTC

  • We provide high school students with drastically reduced college costs
  • Graduate high school with one year of college already completed
  • Become a journey person one year sooner
  • We provide opportunities for summer work experience in the industry
  • We provide a chance at a possible $1000 Secondary School Apprentice (SSA) Scholarship

CTC also offers Student Awards & Financial Assistance opportunities including the $1000 Secondary School Apprentice Scholarship and the Jim Rose Legacy Endowment Fund. Find out more.

How reduced are the college costs?


CTC Costs 

CNC Costs

You save

Automotive Service Technician $1,305 $3,645 $2,340
Automotive Refinishing  $1,311  $3,451  $2,140
Carpentry $1,299 $2,927 $1,628
Deno 150 (single course) $179 $762 $583
Dental Assisting $1,680 $2,351 $671
Electrical $1,413 $3,057 $1,644
Heavy Duty / Commercial Transport Mechanical Repair $1,516 $4,005 $2,489
Industrial Mechanic / Machinist $1,490 $2,901 $1,411
Plumbing $1,088 $4,452 $3,364
Professional Cook Level 1 & 2 $1,824 $4,655 $2,831
Welding $1,604 $3,638 $2,034

The above prices include program fees, text books and additional supplies. Students are responsible for covering the associated CTC costs. All costs are approximate and subject to change without notice.