Apply to CTC

Students who qualify for admission to a CTC program must meet the following requirements:

  • Is enrolled in a school that's in partnership with the CTC program
  • Maintains a C+ or better average and be in good standing at your current school
  • Currently in Grade 10 or 11
  • Maintains good work habits with minimal absenteeism

For students who do not meet the above requirements, but think they may be admissible, please contact the CTC Coordinator at 250-561-5858.

There is a program schedule available on the Resources page.

How to apply

Pick up an application package at one of the following locations:       

  • Print the downloadable CTC Application
  • Your local school counsellors' office
  • CNC Trades Office: 1727 West Central Street (John Brink Campus)

Complete the application and return it along with a personal reference letter, a resume, and a current report card to the CNC Trades Office by mail, email, fax or hand deliver it to 1727 West Central Street.