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Community Education

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Current Programs:

bullet Adventure Seekers

bullet Street Humanities

bullet WTP - Tourism and Hospitality

bullet Environmental Field Assistant Program




Rachelle Munchinsky


Past Programs:

bullet Aboriginal Peer Mentoring

bullet Ethno-math

bullet Forest Tech Access

bullet Street Humanities

bullet Light Warehouse Training

bullet Mine Program


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  Welcome to Community Education at CNC! 


CNC's Community Education department creates opportunities for marginalized and socially excluded individuals to access education and other resources. It is our belief that post-secondary education should be attainable for anybody who wishes to pursue it.  

Our program offerings are constantly changing as we attempt to meet the needs of the people and communities we serve and as funding sources change.  


Program Highlights 

ITA-LMA is sponsoring Trades Foundation Programs  Apply today to see if you are eligible to be sponsored! Seats are still available in the Carpentry Foundation and Plumbing Foundation programs. 


New this year is Workplace Training Project - Essential Skills Tourism and Hospitality. This program, funded through BC Labour Market Agreement, provides training for employees in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Sign your business up and get funded training to increase your companies productivity!

CNC's Street Humanities program will continue next semester - Winter 2014. This program offers Liberal Arts courses to marginalized men and women in our community. Contact the Northern John Howard Society or AWAC to sign up.



Light warehouse training                                                                        

                                                                           Light Warehouse Training Program 



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