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Adventure Seekers

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Adventure Seekers - Continued learning for people with disabilities

three disabled students in college 

  • Adventure Seekers 2017-2018 Brochure
  • Apply for acceptance deadline: June 5, 2017
  • New Registration deadline: July 14, 2017 (after official acceptance)
  • Alumni Registration deadline: August 18, 2017 (after invitation to register)

"Our son has attended the Adventures Seekers program for the past two years and has benefited through the special learning environment that CNC has offered in the community. This has provided him with social and emotional interaction and he would not be where he is today if not for this program." ~ Sheryl

This program is designed for young adults aged 18–30 who have a severe to moderate developmental disability, have completed their secondary education and have a strong interest in learning. It is expected that they will require a support worker (the provision of the support worker is the participant’s responsibility).

Through individual and group learning, the goal of Adventure Seekers is to:

  • increase and maintain functional literacy
  • support individual growth
  • increase College and community participation
Program Outline

Adventure Seekers is a part-time program (eight hours per week). Students meet as a group two days a week for four hours with an instructor. The program covers topics of relevance and interest to the participants and can include:

  • Current events 
  • Arts: music, film, literature 
  • Computer technology: e-mail, the Internet, PowerPoint 
  • Science 
  • Mathematics
  • College and/or community activities

Courses and delivery will be modified to suit individual capabilities and interests. Functional literacy is integrated into the program through a focus on: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Social skills 
  • Numeracy skills 
  • Safety skills 
  • College and/or community activities
Application process

Please see our detailed New Applicants Procedures

1. Submit a completed Adventure Seekers Application for Acceptance form and drop off it at the Community and Continuing Education department. Deadline to Apply for NEW applicants for Fall 2017 - June 5, 2017. 

2. Attend an intake interview to determine whether the program is suitable.

3. If accepted an official acceptance letter will be mailed out, which must be brought to the Admissions office at CNC to register and pay fees.

4. Deadline to Register is July 14, 2017 for new Applicants.


*Please note: Qualified applicants will be accepted to the program based on the following priority:

         a. Applicants with a severe developmental disability

         b. Applicants with a moderate developmental disability

             who require a support worker

         c. Applicants with a moderate developmental disability

             who do not require a support worker

Applicants of the same priority will be accepted in the order that their applications were received.

Also see our detailed Returning Applicants Procedures and our Returning Applicants Interest Form

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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