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Allan Nordal

Ctech, CNA, MCSE, CertEd./Voc. Tec
Position: Instructor/Coordinator (CNET - Computer Network Electronics Technician)

  • Received basic electronics training in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Radar/Operations Technician.
  • Instructor and Program head of the electronics programs at SIAST Woodland Campus
  • Have an Inter-provincial Journeyman (Red Seal) in Electrical/Electronics
  • Worked on the development of the CTC programs at the College of New Caledonia
  • Over 20 years of teaching in the adult education field.



Al Nordal
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Meizhong Wang

Position: Instructor (CTC, Common Core, Engineering Technology)

  • Graduated from Xian Jiao Tong University in China
  • M.Sc Eng. Degree from University of New Brunswick (Electrical Engineering)
  • Taught at Xian University of Architecture & Technology in China from 1981 to 1987
  • Taught one year at New Brunswick Community College
  • Came to CNC in 1990, and taught Math, computer applications and a variety of courses. Has been teaching electronics courses since 1998.
  • Like reading, running, classical music, playing badminton, and ping pong.

meizhond wang
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The College maintains three experimental, developmental and computer networking laboratories, as well as assembly and fabrication facilities.

Labs contain equipment such as:
Signal generators, frequency counters, digital storage oscilloscopes, computers, programmable logic controllers, communication equipment, etc.

The student is trained in facilities similar to those found in industry, including exposure to state-of-the-art software that includes spreadsheets, word processing, printed circuit board, Auto-CAD, design CAD, simulation and mathematical modeling.