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Mathematics & Statistics Courses

The Department of Mathematics is part of the Arts and Science Division of the University Credit Programme at the College of New Caledonia.. The courses offered are listed below. For the latest course descriptions, click here for the University Credit section of the calendar, and then scroll to the Mathematics pages.


  • Math 100 Precalculus Mathematics


  • Math 101 Calculus I
  • Math 102 Calculus II
  • Math 201 Calculus III
  • Math 202 Calculus IV


  • Math 104 Introduction to Statistics
  • Math 105 Introductory Programming with Statistics
  • Math 205 Probability and Statistics

Other First Year Courses

  • Math 103 Finite Mathematics
  • Math 190 Principles of Mathematics for Teachers
  • CSC 115 Discrete Computational Mathematics I

Other Second Year Courses

  • Math 203 Introduction to Analysis
  • Math 204 Linear Algebra
  • Math 215 Differential Equations I
  • CSC 215 Discrete Computational Mathematics II