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Mathematics Tutorial Centre

The Mathematics Tutorial Centre, (also known for years as the Math Lab) is a room located in 1-303. Math faculty are available approximately 20 hours per week to assist their students.

It contains a large selection of math books, one computer equipped with the Maple software, and several tables and chairs. Students are encouraged to come and work on their assignments.

Maple Labs

Students registered ing Math 101 or Math 102 are also required to register in a Maple lab section. Each student will attend the Maple lab for one hour per week every second week The Maple lab is a computer lab. This semester it is in room 2-309 or 2-310. Your instructor will explain to you during the first week of classes how to determine the weeks you are to attend the Maple lab.

Maple is a computer algebra system in wide use at many colleges and universities.

The image on the home page of this site was generated using Maple software.

Click here for information on Maple