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ACC 152:  Accounting II (BUS)
A continuation of the introduction to fundamental accounting concepts and techniques. Topics include partnership and corporation accounting, investments and shareholders’ equity. The computer lab component provides an introduction to electronic spreadsheet software and computerized accounting software.
3 CR
Prerequisite: ACC 151
67.5 Hrs $307.04 Jan - May 2014
Vanderhoof Campus


AECE 172:  Health, Safety & Nutrition
Develop skills in creating healthy programs for young children Strong emphasis is placed on the use of universal precautions, illness prevention, modeling healthy behaviors, and the inclusion of traditional Aboriginal foods in daily menus Students gain basic understanding of nutrition and
traditional aboriginal medicine. The current and historical role of social service agencies in Aboriginal communities is explored and community resources for families and children are identified.
3 CR
45 Hrs Fee: $404.92 Jan - May 2014
Fort St. James Campus


COM 222:  Management & Organizational Behavior (UT/BUS)
Information extracted from various areas of psychology (social industrial/organizational) and management will be used to study the nature of work, people, and organizations. Organizational behavioral and its impact on management will be examined through lecture, discussion, case analyses, and practical applications of the material.
3 CR
45 Hrs $246.60 Jan - Apr 2014
Vanderhoof Campus


ENG 216: Children’s Literature II (UT)
ENG 216 is a continuation of ENG 215. Ideally, ENGL 216 would be preceded by ENG 215. However, students could take only one of these two courses, or they could take this course out of sequence. While English 215 is organized around the different genres, English 216 will take a historical approach to the study of children’s literature. Representative literature from the Victorian period to the Modern period is examined. The course addresses the question of how our definitions of children’s literature and our attitude towards children’s literature have changes over the years.
3 CR
Prerequisites: Two of ENG 101, 102, 103, 104, 107.
45 Hrs $246.60 - Jan - May
Fort St. James Campus


MGT 263  Human Resource Development (BUS)
An introduction to personnel management including organization of the personnel functions:recruitment and selection, interviewing and counseling, job descriptions and evaluation, compensation and salary administration, management development and performance appraisal, training and manpower planning, safety and occupational health.The course places particular emphasis on the practical application of personnel policies and procedures, on personnel’s relationship to management and management’s responsibilities to employees.
3 CR
45 Hrs $246.60 Jan - May 2015
Vanderhoof Campus


MKT 272:  Marketing Research Methods (BUS)
An introductory course in marketing research. Topics include research design, data collection, sampling, and data analysis. Class includes a research project, beginning with a problem analysis, and leading to a final research roport.
3 CR
45 Hrs $246.60 Jan - May 2015
Vanderhoof Campus

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