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Education Assistant Certificate

Program Length: 39 weeks full-time (with 3 weeks of breaks)

Dates: Sept 10, 2012 - Jun 28, 2013

Tuition: $3,111 Texts: Approx. $700

Location: Fort St. James Campus

Community Support Worker Certificate (CASS)

The Education Assistant program is one of CNC’s Community and School Support programs (CASS).  With an Education Assistant Certificate, you'll be prepared to work as a teacher’s aide or education assistant, providing assistance to children with disabilities in school settings. The program is designed for practicing support workers.  It enhances competence in inclusion; supporting literacy; human development; learning and support strategies, communications; school, community and relationships, and professional practice and accountability.



 Semester One

September 2012

Semester Two

January 2013


May 2013


CASS 110 Communication Skills


CASS 145 – Part 2 – Positive Approaches to Teaching & Learning


CASS 160 (Optional) – Physical Care


CASS 120 – Human Diversity

 CASS 150 – Life Planning & Support Systems


CASS 195 – EA Practicum


CASS 130 – Ethical Foundations of Practice

 CASS 180 – Supporting Literacy


CASS 140 – Part 1 – Positive Approaches to Teaching & Learning


CLCT 100 – Carrier Language & Culture


ENG 107 – Literature & Composition: First Nations Literature


FASD 260 – Overview of FASD



Admission Requirements:

  • English 12 with “C” grade or better or equivalent.
  • Admissions Form
  • Letter of Reference
  • Student Readiness Assessment– English and Math Assessment Test
  • High School Transcript
  • Criminal Record Check at time of practicum


Please note that if you are applying to the program, your funding must be in place before you are confirmed in a seat. For suggestions or supports around “funding” please contact the Fort St. James campus at 250 – 996-7019. Courses can be taken on a “part time” basis.


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