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Payment is Easy

We accept credit cards (Visa or Master Card), Interact, cheques or cash.
Advance payment is required.
Having difficulty covering your tuition?
Ask us about CNC’s payment deferral plan!

Supporting closer-to-home delivery of programs,

we are pleased that CNC and the Government of BC

are able to subsidize student tuition fees

for various programs across the region.

Student Supports

• Aboriginal Liaison/Coordinator
• Library
• Public Computers
• Invigilation Services
• Aboriginal Student Support Worker
• Elder on Campus
• Career Advisors
• Neighbourhood Space (Vanderhoof)
• Learning Hub (Fort St. James)
• The Key (Fort St. James)
• Adult Learning Centres
• GED Testing Site

“Think of your future goals and choose a career of your choice, no one can do it for you, but yourself. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your goals, you all have it in you to pursue whatever you wish to become.”
Arlene John, Elder on Campus, Vanderhoof

'Unus hoowuninonzut (think of the future)

Registration Policies

1. Once students have met program or course requirements, registration is accepted on a first paid
2. Program or course enrollments are confirmed by payment of fees.
3. A minimum number of students may be required to ensure the course will proceed.
4. The College reserves the right to cancel any course.
5 GST and technology fees are included in all applicable course fees
6. Senior citizens may register in most credit or non-credit courses for no fee when minimum paid enrollment for each course is met and space is available. Expenses associated with the course such as books and materials are the responsibility of the registrant.

Attendance Policies

Instructors establish their own attendance policies. Students should check with instructors to ensure they understand these policies.

Non-Credit Courses

1 Full refund if course is cancelled by the College.
2. Full refund if student cancels prior to the course payment deadline (original receipt required).
3. No refund if student cancels after the course payment deadline.

Credit Courses

1 Full refund if the College cancels the course
2. 60% refund if a student applies prior to 7% course completion.
3. 40% refund if a student applies after 7% and prior to 14% course completion.
4. No refund after 14% course completion.


1. Check payment deadlines when registering.
2. Non-attendance does not constitute a formal withdrawal.
3. Refunds take approximately six weeks to process.
4. No refund can be granted on textbooks.


Please Note:

The information contained on the College of New Caledonia, Nechako Regional Website is subject to change and revision. While every effort is made to ensure that the content remains valid for the period indicated, changes may occur. The College reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, course, timetable, or fee without notice.


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