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Applied Business Technology Program

Administrative Assistant Certificate




The Administrative Assistant Certificate is a provincially-recognized, transferable program that provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in today's business, government, and industrial offices. Your professional image, communication, time management, and interpersonal skills will be developed through lectures and labs.
Parts of the program will be delivered from MacKenzie Campus via Video Conferencing.


Course Descriptions

The detailed course description is available in the online Program Guide 

Semester 1
Semester 2
ABTB-073 --- Financial Records
ABTE-074 --- Business Communications I
ABTH-072 --- Personal/Professional Development
ABTW-073 --- Microcomputer Applications I
ABTW-043 --- Word Processing/Document Production Levels I, II, and III

ABTE-075 --- Business Communication II
ABTP-073 --- Office Procedures
ABTP-078 --- Office Simulations
ABTV-072 --- Work Placement
ABTW-074 --- Microcomputer Applications II
ABTW-078 --- Desktop Publishing

Admission Requirements

1. Mature student status, or successful completion of one of the following:

  • Grade 12 (with English 12, Communications 12, or Technical and Professional Communications 12) or
  • ABE Advanced Certificate or
  • GED Certificate

2. Completion of a keyboarding proficiency assessment, with a minimum of 20 net words per minute, or permission from the department. The assessment may take the form of a transcript of a letter on institutional letterhead from a teacher of typing, or other typing test documentation - any of which is to be dated within the previous three years - or an assessment by a CNC Applied Business Technology Instructor.

3. Applicants must take the English and Math Achievement Test (EMAT) at the College before their first semester. Students scoring below a certain level will be required to complete upgrading. It is strongly recommended that students write the EMAT early, and that they complete any required upgrading before attending the first semester.


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Phone 250-991-7500 or Toll-free 1-866-680-7550
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