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Admissions, Registration and Records



  How to Apply   |   Fee Information    |  General Admission   

   International Students   |    Special Admission    |    Documents Required    

       Assessments    |    Transcripts    |    Withdrawals   

How to Apply to Quesnel Campus

In Person

Visit CNC’s Office of Admissions and registration at 100 Campus Way.

By Phone

Use a credit card to register by calling (250) 991-7500

By Mail / Fax

Download the appropriate Application Form and send it to the address/fax on the form

CNC General Admissions Application Form

Continuing Education Application form (non-transferable)

Apprenticeship Registration

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Apprentices who have already completed previous levels at the College of New Caledonia need only supply their completed Apprenticeship Registration.

Trades Apprentices who are new to the College or completing a Foundation Level are required to complete both a General Admission form and an Apprentice Registration

Some Programs have specific experience forms or additional information to complete, e.g. Social Service Worker, Early Childhood Education, Power Engineering 4th Class. See the program pages for application information.

On-line registration is available to returning students only.
An activated CNC Connect Account is required.

Online registration instructions. (pdf)

CNC Connect log-in help.

Please Note:

Eligibility for admission is based on satisfying citizenship, age, and academic requirements. Specific program or course prerequisite requirements must be met in addition to any general admission requirements. In cases where applicants may not meet specific admission requirements for a desired program, the College offers a range of development programs that lead to the qualifications necessary for specific program entry.


Advance registration and prepayment for all courses is required.For

All courses are dependent upon minimum enrolment,and early application is important.

Tuition Fees are available in the current Program Guide and Course Calendar .

The current Fee Table is downloadable from the main Admissions and Registration page.


General Admission

In all cases, specific program admission requirements or course prerequisites take precedence over general admission requirements and should be checked at the time of application.  While many programs at the College do not require Grade 12 or equivalent, and students are encouraged to examine specific program or course requirements for more information.

The online Program Guide and Course Calendar contains up to date information regarding admission criteria.

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Citizenship and Immigration Requirements

The College of New Caledonia accepts applications for admission from prospective students only if they

a) Are citizens of Canada, or

b) Hold status granted by Employment and Immigration Canada as Permanent Residents (landed immigrants), proof of which must be submitted, or

c) Hold a valid study permit issued by Immigration Canada, proof of which must be submitted. Students applying under this section are specifically referred to the International Student section, or

d) study in a program for less than 6 months as a visitor to Canada.


International Students

Information and assistance relating to international student applications is available on our International Education pages.

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Special Admission

This policy is currently under review. Candidates for special admission may include mature students, students under 18, home educated students or those who may not meet the pre-requisites to certain courses. Please consult the CNC Counselling and Advising Department. To make an appointment at Quesnel Campus please call 250-991-7500, press 0 for Admissions and Registration.

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Documents Required

Applicants are required to submit the following documents with their applications.

a) Transcripts (i.e., signed and sealed): Official transcripts for all secondary and/or post-secondary education or training must be submitted with the Application for Admission.

Applicants who have completed post-secondary courses in other institutions and who request Advance Credit must submit an official transcript for evaluation.

Applicants from outside Canada, and those whose documents are not in English, must provide a notarized translation as well as notarized course descriptions.

Applicants who are currently attending secondary school may initially submit an official verification of secondary school subjects at the midpoint of the final semester or term and subsequently complete their application by  forwarding official transcripts as soon as they become available. Applications will not be considered complete until all transcripts are received. Students who are unable to submit transcripts should contact the Admissions office or the CNC Counselling and Advising Department.

b) Other supporting documents for specific programs:  Some programs have specific document requirements— check at the time of application, or see the admission requirements on specific programs.



English Math Achievement Tests (EMAT) and C&CP placement assessments for entrance to CNC in Quesnel or other CNC campuses can be written at the Quesnel Campus on an as-required basis. Call 991-7500 to arrange an appointment or to find out when the next invigilation is scheduled. Fees apply.

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An official transcript of a student’s academic record will, on written request of the student, be mailed directly to the institution indicated in the request or given to the student in a sealed envelope bearing the inscription “Official transcript enclosed. Invalid if seal broken on envelope.” Requests from third parties must be accompanied by a signed authorization from the student. Official transcripts will not be released if financial or other obligations to the College are outstanding.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation in the province of BC, the College of New Caledonia will not accept transcript requests without the student’s signature. Parents or partners wanting to order or pick up transcripts for a student must have that student’s signed authorization specifically requesting the release and including the name of the person who will be acting for them.


Ordering transcripts

Current information about ordering transcripts is available here

Download a transcript request form



Withdrawal from a course or program

Students wishing to withdraw from a course or program must do so officially by completing a withdrawal form available from Admissions, Registration and Records or the Counselling and Advising Department.

If no official withdrawal form has been completed, or a student does not attend classes, a grade of “N” (grade point = 0) will be assigned to the student’s course record. A student who does not complete formal withdrawal procedures will continue to be liable for all assessed fees.

In all cases of course or program withdrawals, students are encouraged to consult with instructors and the Counselling and Advising Centre to determine whether there might be alternatives to withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Refund Dates

College Policies


100 Campus Way, Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada, V2J 7K1
Phone 250-991-7500 or Toll-free 1-866-680-7550
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