Dunkley Lumber Partnership

CNC’s ongoing, much-valued partnership with Dunkley Lumber is based both in business and in community. Dunkley is CNC’s Research Forest business partner, holding a 10 year Log Purchase and Joint Management Agreement contract with the College.

In addition, Dunkley’s community partnership with CNC continues to grow and support our natural resource and forestry programming. As an industry leader in the region, Dunkley has helped our students through significant financial contributions, hosting mill tours and hiring summer students, donating lumber to our carpentry program, and providing advice and guidance for research initiatives through their participation on the President’s Industry Council and through advocacy planning. Dunkley Lumber has also been a cornerstone for excellence in CNC’s Research Forest by providing layout cruising and assessments and improving infrastructure and planning.

Our partnership with Dunkley enhances student learning and activities, our development as a research institution provincially and nationally, and is an exceptional example of collaboration by a company that is committed to community and community development working in partnership with post-secondary to grow the future of the region.

For more information on Dunkley Lumber Ltd., see their website.