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Applying to CNC

What's the difference between applying and registering?

Applying is Step 1 in the admissions process. It's when the College decides if you can take the program you've chosen. Depending on the program, we might look at

  • Whether there's room in the course
  • The date you applied
  • Courses you've taken in the past
  • Your work experience

Please note: For Continuing Education courses, there is no application process – you just skip right to registration.

Registering is Step 2 – It's when you sign up for specific classes and pay your course fees.

How much does it cost to apply?

Applying costs $40.00

How much does it cost to register?

It depends on the cost of your courses. At CNC, lecture courses cost about $215 per semester (as compared to about $400 per semester for the same course at a university)

When can I apply? What's the deadline?

Ways to apply:


Visit the applying page on this website. Please note that you need a Visa or MasterCard to apply online

In person

Visit the Admissions Office at your campus. Contact your campus for admissions office hours.

By phone

Avoid lineups! Call your campus to register. Please have your Visa or MasterCard number and expiry date ready.

By mail

Download an application form and return it to the address on the form. Please include a $15 cheque or money order.

By fax

Fill out and sign the application form in full and fax to your campus. Please include your return fax number.

You can apply any time. If there's room in a class, we accept applications right up to the day the class starts. But some courses fill up quickly — you should apply for these as much as a year in advance (for example, welding, dental hygiene, dental assisting). Key application dates:

September 15: You can apply for programs that start the following fall (e.g., apply in fall 2010 for programs starting in fall 2011)

October 31: Deadline date for priority admission to Trades programs starting in January/February. Note: Applications are still accepted after this point as space permits.

March 31: Applications for limited enrolment programs for the upcoming fall semester received after this date will be processed as space permits.

April 24: Submission deadline for supporting documents for admission to fall limited enrolment programs. This includes secondary school Progress Reports or final transcripts.

May 2: Submission deadline for all supporting documents (including final transcripts) for the Dental Hygiene program.

I've applied to CNC in the past – do I need to pay the application fee again?

Yes, if you are changing programs and if you have missed a semester.

What's a PEN#? How do I find out my personal PEN#?

It stands for Provincial Education Number. To find your PEN, look on the official transcript you received from the government when you completed Grade 12, or contact your high school.

What documents should I submit with my application?

An official transcript of your grades. You can get this from your high school or from other post-secondary institutions you've attended.

What happens if I need to write an Student Readiness Assessment(Admissions Test)?
View the admissions testing page for more information.
How will you let me know if I've been accepted?

When you've been accepted into a program you'll get a package in the mail with all the requirements that you still have to handle.


How do I log onto a computer at CNC?

Students are required to set up their own CNC computer accounts and email.
This can be done online.
You will need to know your SIN or Student ID number to get set up.

How do I access my CNC email?

You must have set up your CNC computer account in order to access your email.

  1. Navigate to the CNC main page at
  2. Click on the Email link under the Current Students heading
  3. Log in using your username and password
How can I access my U-Drive from home?

You must have set up your CNC computer account in order to access your U-drive.

  1. Navigate to the CNC main page at
  2. Click on the Home directory link under the Attending Students heading
  3. Log in using your username and password
Where can I find academic assistance?

The Centre for Student Success is open all year to provide students with access to assistance and information to help them become successful students.

They are located at the Prince George campus in Student Central, main floor (1-725)

How do I access my schedule?

If you are an attending student, you can use CNC Connect to view your schedule.

  1. Visit the CNC main site at
  2. Click on the CNC Connect link
  3. Click on the Log in link
  4. Log in
  5. Select Students in the Menu
  6. Under Academic Profile, click My class schedule
  7. Choose your current term and hit SUBMIT
How do I find my class room?

Your class rooms will be listed on your schedule. You may use the Roomfinder App to locate your classroom on a map of the CNC campus.

How can I contact my instructor?

You may access your instructor's contact information using the CNC Contact List.

How do I apply for scholarships and bursaries?

For information about scholarships and bursaries, visit the Financial Aid & Awards page.

How can I find a list of books that I need to buy?

If you're registered in a course, and you know your student ID, you can use the Student Booklist tool.

Prince George Campus

Where do I buy my books?

The College Store offers textbooks for courses provided by the College. Visit them at 1-715.

The bookstore also takes orders online.

If you are looking for used textbooks, students are often willing to sell them. Check the free classified website CNC ESwap.

Where do I get my student ID?

Visit the Admissions Office (1-738) and request that they issue you a student ID card.

Where do I get my U-Pass?

The U-Pass allows you free access to local bus routes, as well as The Four Seasons swimming pool and Aquatic Centre.

In order to get access to the U-Pass, you must have a valid student ID card. Visit the Student Council office at 1-303. Provide your student ID and request they give you the U-Pass.

How can I update an expired student ID?

If you are an attending student with an expired ID card, visit the Admissions Office (1-738). Provide your student number and your student ID. They will update the expiry date on the card, or replace it.

What computer room can I use or print in?

At the front of the library, there are several computers reserved for research. You can print from them for a small fee.

At the back of the library, on the left side, there are two computer labs. These labs can be used by attending CNC students and can be used to print for free. Please check the schedule before entering to ensure they are not booked by a class.

Where is the student lounge?

The Student Lounge is located in the Technical Education Centre — 1727 W. Central Ave.

Where is the gym, and when can I use it?

The gym is located on the first floor of the Prince George campus at room 1-514.

With your student ID, you have access to the Gym, Weight Room, Squash Court, Yoga, and the Bouldering Wall for free.

You may book a time with Jana in the Gym Office (1-508), 250-561-5803.

To see the Gym schedule, check the Recreation page.

Where do I go if I feel stressed?

You are welcome to drop by the Counselling Department at room 1-753.

Where do I go for non-urgent medical attention?

The Nurse Practitioner office may be of assistance. They are located at room 1-460.

Where do I buy a parking pass?

Parking passes may be purchased from the Impark office at 1-304B. For more information, check the Parking page.

Where can I find information about clubs?

The Students' Union offers information regarding clubs.

Where do I go to rent a locker?

The Students' Union handles Locker Rentals for the Prince George campus.

Prince George General

How do I find the location of services outside of CNC?

The CNC campus and residence are located within walking distance of several restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centres.

College and Surroundings Map

See also:

Where can I get a BC identification card?

Welcome BC offers information on the advantages of obtaining a BC Identification Card

Requests for a BCID can be made at the Service BC centre located at 1044 - 5th Ave.

Where can I find a bus schedule, and where are the closest stops?

The College of New Caledonia is on a bus route with stops on campus, directly across from the residence building.

A bus pass is provided as part of the U-Pass.

Schedules are posted at the Library and are available at the CNC Bookstore or online.

Quesnel Campus Parking

Why is pay parking being implemented?
The Prince George campus has had a paid parking system in place for over 12 years. This change is being made in Quesnel in order to support cost-saving and revenue generation for CNC.
What are the meter rates?
Rates are $3.00 per day valid until 12am (midnight), or you may purchase hourly from any of the meters at $0.50 for the first 1.5 hours or $1.00 for a 3 hour maximum.
Can I buy a monthly pass?
Yes, monthly passes are available either online, at any of the meters, or by pay-by-phone account, and you can purchase several months at a time.
What time frame are the monthly passes good for?
Passes are valid 24 hours/7 days a week for $47.25 per month, taxes included.
Where can I buy a pass?
Passes can be purchased either online, at any of the meters or by pay-by-phone account and you can purchase several months at a time.
Is reserved parking available?
No. The number of parking passes sold will be controlled so that pass holders should always be able to find a space available, but passes do not guarantee access to a specific parking space.
Are all Quesnel lots affected?
Yes. All areas at the Quesnel campus require vehicles to pay to park.
What if I don't purchase a ticket or pass?
Any vehicles that do not have a valid e-permit or have purchased time from the meters will be issued a violation notice. These carry a fine of $22.50, taxes included, if paid within 48 hours. If paid after 48 hours but before the end of the 7th day, the amount of the fine is $32.00, taxes included. On the 8th day, outstanding violation notices are forwarded to a collection agency and additional collection amounts may be added at such time.
What if I want to dispute a violation notice?
Imperial Parking provides a toll-free dispute resolution line at 1-800-315-7275.
What happens if I refuse to pay the violation notices?
Any vehicle with two or more outstanding violation notices will be subject to removal by Prism Towing at the vehicle owners' expense.
How can I pay for my parking?

Monthly passes can be paid for with cash (coin) or credit card. The parking meters accept Canadian coins ($1, $2 coins and quarters ($0.25) or credit cards.

Pay by Phone

  1. Dial 1-866-234-PARK (7275)
  2. Provide this location number: 1141
  3. Enter the length of time you would like to stay.

To Register

  1. Call 1-866-234-PARK (7275)
  2. Visit Impark Wireless
What if I have other questions?
An Impark representative is located at the Prince George Campus, Room 1-304B (next to the CNC mailroom), during regular business hours, or can be reached at 250-563-8430. Fax 250-563-9870.


How do I get a copy of my T2202A form?

T2202A forms are available through CNC Connect. Please log in and go to your student menu for a more direct link.


When does my program start and end?

Start dates are different for each program – please check with Admissions at your campus, or check the information package you received for registration.

When is reading break?

Study break dates may differ for program areas. Please check your program page or the Academic Schedule.

What are school holidays?

The Labour Ministry offers a list of Statutory Holidays in British Columbia.

When are my exams?

This information is posted on the Exam Schedules and Timetables page.

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