Education Plan FAQs

What will CNC do with the Education Plan?

The Plan is a living document, aligned to the College’s Strategic Plan. The Education Plan will become the touchstone for all of CNC’s academic and educational units to plan, prioritize and implement various initiatives throughout the college.

How is the Education Plan different from the Strategic Plan?

Unlike the College’s Strategic Plan, the Education Planning process is more focused on ensuring we are primarily consulting with our internal college community; although we did engage some external stakeholders during the development process.

An Education Plan serves as both a visionary and accountability document. It is a ‘living’ roadmap to where CNC is planning to go academically – within the timelines of our new Strategic Plan. And it includes priorities and actions by which the College can measure its academic progress and success.

The Strategic Plan on the other hand provides vision and direction for all academic and educational initiatives at CNC, as well as all other areas and services provided at and by the College.