Education Planning Steering Committee

CNC’s Education Planning Steering Committee was formed in April 2016 to guide and support the development of an Education Plan for the College. Those listed below have participated or continue to participate on this committee.


College Administrators
  • Jay Notay (Chair) Executive Vice President Academic & Applied Research, and Education Council member
  • Paul Campo, Registrar and Education Council member
  • Marlene Erickson, Director Aboriginal Education, Office of Vice President Academic
  • John Neumann, Associate Dean, School of University Studies & Career Access and Education Council Member
  • Barbara Old, Director International Education
  • Harman Dandiwal, Organizer, Students Union
  • Ken Solonas, Director at Large, Students Union
  • Keith Tedford, Instructor, English as a Second Language and Education Council Chair
  • Deborah Collette, Former Instructor, Nursing
  • William Gottschall, Instructor, Sociology
  • Jacob Madjitey, Instructor, Finance/Commerce and Education Council member (past Chair)
  • Anthony (Tony) Rechsteiner, Instructor, Professional Cook and Education Council member
  • Yvonne Yaschuk, Med Lab Tech Instructor, Program Coordinator School of Health Sciences and Education Council member
Operational Staff
  • Lily Bachand, Project Coordinator for Centre for Teaching & Learning & CUPE President
  • Marnee Boman, Advisor, Counselling & Advising Student Services and CUPE 1st Vice President


To guide and support the development and drafting of an Education Plan for the College of New Caledonia.


  • To create and manage a transparent consultation process to inform the creation of an Education Plan.
  • To support the writing of an Education Plan.
  • To create an annual evaluation process to ensure the effectiveness and outcomes of the Education Plan.


All agendas, minutes, consultation results, and draft Education Plans are available through CNC’s Office of the Executive Vice-President Academic & Applied Research.