Education Planning Process

Developing CNC’s Education Plan comprised many steps. One of the lengthiest and most important steps of the process included research and data collection. Feedback and data collected during this step is the foundation of the Education Plan

Research & Data Collection

  • Research pertaining to CNC’s internal and external environment was conducted
  • Data was also collected through consultation.
  • Consultation comprised mainly of feedback collected through an online survey and in-person consultation circles.
  • Education plan is primarily an internal document; therefore we gathered feedback from internal stakeholders including College Administrators, Faculty, Operational Staff, and Students.
  • To enrich the plan, we also gathered feedback from external stakeholders and partners.

Consultation Circles

In developing the Education Plan, we’ve aligned feedback from the consultation circles about the Education Plan to the five directions of CNC’s Strategic Plan.

Consultation Survey Snapshot:

3 hours per consultation circle
Session started with short overview of CNC’s internal and external environment
Separate circles hosted for two separate groups:

  1. CNC Faculty & Operational Staff
  2. Local Community Members

Hosted at all 6 CNC campuses
Participants answered 3 questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How are we going to get there?

Online Survey & Results

We’ve compiled the top three responses to the online survey questions about the Education Plan.

We have also aligned the responses from the consultation circles to the five directions of CNC’s Strategic Plan. Please click here to download the aligned responses document.

Online Survey Snapshot:

  • 440 Total Responses
  • 12 overall topics
  • Range of questions for each topic
  • Available online for 5 weeks
  • Groups invited by email to participate
  • Approximately 30-minute completion time

Respondent Breakdown:

  • 29% students
  • 24% CNC faculty
  • 21% CNC operational staff
  • 19% external partner/stakeholders
  • 7% other staff (management, administration, exempt staff)