Characterizing CNC Logo 700

What is CNC all about?

CNC is reimagining the College’s look and building a new website. Building an identity allows us to showcase the true culture at CNC, and set a direction for the character development of the college.

The identity:

  • Expresses CNC’s unique character and main draws, setting us apart from other schools
  • Is made up of all of the ways that we communicate internally and externally, including visual, written, and spoken communications, as well as the experiences that we offer
  • Allows CNC to speak with one voice
  • Creates efficiencies within the college, allowing for faster and more accurate delivery of information
  • Provides a method for executing many aspects of the Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

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Latest Update

February 6, 2018

CNC has chosen the creative agency that will be helping us create the new identity.

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