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What is CNC all about?

CNC is reimagining the College’s look and building a new website. Building an identity allows us to showcase the true culture at CNC, and set a direction for the character development of the college.

The identity:

  • Expresses CNC’s unique character and main draws, setting us apart from other schools
  • Is made up of all of the ways that we communicate internally and externally, including visual, written, and spoken communications, as well as the experiences that we offer
  • Allows CNC to speak with one voice
  • Creates efficiencies within the college, allowing for faster and more accurate delivery of information
  • Provides a method for executing many aspects of the Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

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Latest Update

February 28, 2018

During the massive snowfall on February 6th, our consultants from braved the storm to host a kickoff workshop for the new CNC website. Representatives of major student groups came together to talk about the student experience online. The purpose of the workshop was to generate user goals, tasks, feelings, influences and pain points to highlight key opportunities to improve the website. The finding will then be tested in the next stage through interviewing and observing users themselves. will be back on campus at the end of March to present their findings and conduct a collaborative sketching session.

Will, the creative agency are well into the discovery phase of the project conducting phone interviews with senior leadership and will be hitting the road to visit multiple campuses March 7th thru 8th to conduct discussion group session. Ending the week with a full day Brand Strategy Session on March 9th. This 3 stage process ensures there is adequate representation across campuses and user groups, providing Will with a deep understanding of the CNC history, vision for the future and overall what the CNC brand stands for.

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