How to Participate

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What am I signing up for?

Right now? Only to receive information about opportunities to participate in the Characterizing CNC process, and to be the first to see updates on the project’s progress (first look at the new logo anyone?). 

Opportunities to participate may include focus groups, interviews, town hall meetings, or surveys. Your time is precious and we know that, so any time that you participate in any of our feedback sessions, you will receive some form of thank-you gift from us (Free lunch/snacks? Awesome CNC swag? Sign me up!)

With every person that participates, every aspect of the new identity will be better and more representative of the whole College.

Why so many questions?

We want to ensure that we hear from a diverse set of interests and demographics. This information allows us to ask the right people the right questions and hear from every group.

That said, you don’t have to fill out any questions you don’t want to. All you really need to sign up is your email address. You can always manage your preferences later from the link provided in the introductory email.

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