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August 1, 2018


The month of July was focused on content development and consultation. In the spirit of collaboration the communication team hit the road to visit the regional community campuses for consultation of website structure, student services and review of the website wireframes.

The content gathering phase has completed and moved into the writing phase. The project team is working closely with the content owners for their input, feedback and approval.

Looking to be involved in creating content for the new website? The project team is currently seeking stories on Alumni, Donors and Students. Please contact Dustin Ruth at for more details.

The project team is pleased to announce that the website build stage of the project will be getting additional expertise assistance and support from Graphically Speaking.

Graphically Speaking is an experienced team of web specialists with a proven track record in providing comprehensive web development services for more than 3000 clients.


After receiving the initial moodboard and logo direction in June the month of July has been focused on stakeholder engagement and consultation to ensure the new CNC brand look and feel was something that would resonate with all audiences.

With an approved logo and font style in place Will can now move onto the development of the visual language. Key stakeholders will be invited to review the visual language including logo concept, colour, fonts, tone of voice, key messaging and notational applications mid August.

In preparation for creative development a Request For Proposal has been initiated to secure a photographer. Building digital assets to support the brand is essential to sharing the brand story visually.

The next stages of the project will include the development brand guidelines, brand launch campaign and the development of creative elements.

June 28, 2018


After the informative and interactive visit to Prince George in April to present research findings and conduct a sketching session, has been hard at work. A detailed content audit of the entire website has been completed and the project team has reviewed each page recommendation and is currently contacting page owners to be part of the content gathering process. The content gathering process includes reviewing and crafting the written content for all College departments, areas of study and amenities for the final revised website. High quality and accurate written content is crucial to the success of CNC’s website in order to attract prospective students and engage current students and employees.
In addition to the content audit, has been focused on creating wireframes for approval. Wireframes for a website are a page schematic or screen blueprint providing a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the site. The purpose is to depict the page layout or arrangement of the website.
With the website wireframes solidified, the next stage of the project will see the creative pieces of the brand incorporated into the website interface design of webpages.  The interface designs will allow the project team to see a visual representation of web pages inline with the visual language of the brand. The wireframes and interface designs become the building blocks of the refreshed new website allowing the project team to move onto the technical building stage of the project.


After an extensive discovery phase including numerous phone interviews, presentations, travel to most campuses and in person focus group sessions the Characterizing CNC Project team is excited to announce the Brand Strategy has been approved! 

The Brand Strategy is an internal document that becomes the foundation for creative development. It will provide an important compass for decisions to come - marketing and beyond. Our goal is to work with Will to build a brand that feels relevant, inclusive, and reflective of the myriad of audiences within our community.
With the brand strategy in place, Will has now moved onto the next stage of the project and has delivered the moodboard, logo direction, and initial brand architecture currently in the last stages of approval.

A moodboard is a single slide that will bring together a collection of visual references that will embody and inspire the direction of the brand look and feel. 
The next step is to move forward with developing the visual language of the brand. This phase of the project will see the development of a creative platform including: logo concept, colour, fonts, tone of voice, key messaging and notational applications. The visual language will be presented to key stakeholders providing an opportunity for feedback and comments in July.

May 1, 2018

After an engaging northern road trip in March Will has been hard at work developing the CNC Brand Strategy. On April 11th, Will was onsite at the Prince George campus to present the draft strategy to more than 25 key stakeholders representing various faculties, campuses and board members. The presentation prompted great discussion and feedback for the agency to take away. After taking all comments and suggestions under advisement the Brand Strategy was revised and has been finalized. Will has now moved onto developing the most exiting piece of the project; the creative.

The creative pieces will include the logo, colour palette, templates and key messages to name a few. A focus group with key stakeholders will be held in June to ensure feedback and input from all audiences is considered. The next stages of the project include campaign concept and development in preparation of rolling out the brand.

After their snowy visit in February, made the trip back to the Prince George campus on April 4th to present the findings discovered during the research phase of the project that included interviews and online user observation. The findings presentation was followed by an afternoon Sketching Session that required participants to create their ideal website page(s) in 5 minutes. This approach produces a shared understanding of the structure of key pages by putting all ideas and preconceptions on the table (literally), and looking at things through the lenses of multiple audiences.

With the research phase and sketching session complete has now moved onto the next phase of the project focused on completing the content audit and sitemap.

Will Brand Strategy Session

March 15, 2018

Will, the creative agency completed the discovery phase of the project with a Northern BC tour of multiple campuses including Vanderhoof, Ft. St. James, Burns Lake and Prince George.

The Vanderhoof and Burns Lake onsite teams had the opportunity to participate in a 1.5 hour Brand Definition Session to discuss the purpose and promise of the CNC brand as well as the future vision of the college.

A visit to the Ft. St. James campus allowed the Will team to sit in on a live DDI session demonstrating the commitment CNC has to accommodating and supporting the success of the diverse student body.

The road trip wrapped up with a full day Brand Definition Session in Prince George. With the attendance of approximately 16 CNC employees, students, alumni and partners, the focus of the workshop was to collectively define the CNC Brand Strategy and explore our Brand Architecture such as the relationship between sub-brands and the parent College brand. The interactive session will lead the Will team not only to a new visual style, but to a cohesive brand strategy for the college.

In addition to the Brand Definition Sessions Will has completed numerous phone interviews and collected surveys to ensure adequate representation across campuses and user groups, providing a deep understanding of the CNC history, vision for the future and overall what the CNC brand stands for.

The trip allowed Will to gather insights and experience firsthand the commitment CNC has to the support and growth of not only the students but to the communities we serve. They can now move onto developing the Brand Strategy for CNC with continued engagement of key stakeholders.

Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour
Will Campus Tour

February 28, 2018

During the massive snowfall on February 6th, our consultants from braved the storm to host a kickoff workshop for the new CNC website. Representatives of major student groups came together to talk about the student experience online. The purpose of the workshop was to generate user goals, tasks, feelings, influences and pain points to highlight key opportunities to improve the website. The finding will then be tested in the next stage through interviewing and observing users themselves. will be back on campus at the end of March to present their findings and conduct a collaborative sketching session.

Will, the creative agency are well into the discovery phase of the project conducting phone interviews with senior leadership and will be hitting the road to visit multiple campuses March 7th thru 8th to conduct discussion group session. Ending the week with a full day Brand Strategy Session on March 9th. This 3 stage process ensures there is adequate representation across campuses and user groups, providing Will with a deep understanding of the CNC history, vision for the future and overall what the CNC brand stands for.

February 7, 2018

CNC has chosen the agency that will be working with us on our new website. The successful candidate is......

Resolution Interactive Media (

Res is a brilliant agency out of London, Ontario with an absolute ton of post-secondary online experience. Their portfolio includes:

We are thrilled to get started, and so is the team. They will be at the Prince George campus on Thursday, February 8th to kick off the project and get a feel for CNC's website needs.

February 6, 2018

CNC has chosen the agency that will be working with us on the new identity. The successful candidate is......


Will is an agency of highly experienced designers out of Vancouver. Their work is youthful, exciting, and engaging. Recent projects of theirs include the redesign of Royal Roads University identity, the creation of the Wilson School of Design identity, and all branding and materials for the Squamish Music Festival.

We're thrilled to begin working with them and to see the identity they help CNC discover. Until then, here are some samples of their previous work to tide us over:

Royal Roads University

Will Samples RRU1

Will Samples RRU2

Wilson School of Design

Will Samples WSD1

Will Samples WSD2

Squamish Music Festival

Will Samples SMF1

Will Samples SMF2


Will Samples Quesnel

January 22, 2018

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