The Characterizing CNC Team

Steering Committee

Think of them as the rudder on a ship. The steering committee exists to look out for the interests of all of CNC’s audiences and groups, and ensure that the project stays on track.

Focus Groups (That's you!)

Focus groups are made up of a wide number of stakeholder groups. This includes representatives from all CNC campuses, all fields of study, and people with varying relationships to CNC (students, alumni, faculty, administrative staff, and even members of the surrounding community). That means we need everyone to participate in order for this project to succeed.

Sign up here and we’ll notify you when there’s an opportunity to participate (there may be free food involved).

Project Leads and Executors

Project Lead: Identity Project

Crystal MacDonald
Communications Officer: Design

Secondary Contact

Alyson Gourley
Executive Director: Communications

Project Lead: New Website

Lakeysha O'Neill
Communications Officer: Web and Digital

Secondary Contact

Alyson Gourley
Executive Director: Communications

This project will require participation from nearly every department at CNC, but here are some of the key teams that will be doing the heavy lifting:

  • Communications Services
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement Services
  • Facilities Services


We will be hiring agencies to assist in this process and provide expertise. The successful candidates have yet to be decided, but we will announce them here.