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December 13-14, 2016

January 4-5, 2017

Textbooks are important in your learning process. Books actually help you increase your income later.

1. Pass courses by studying and reading course materials (and learning from your instructors).

2. Graduate.

3. Get a better job, make more $$.





1. What is it?


The Bookstore in conjunction with a textbook wholesaler conducts four buybacks for used books every year.

They are usually scheduled the first two days of classes in September and January and for two days at the

end of December and April exams.


2. What books are eligible for our buy back list?


Textbooks that are required by instructors for the current term are usually on our buyback list.

Reasons why your books may not be on our buyback list:


- A new edition has been published

- Some courses have low enrolments. We may be buying limited numbers of used books or none at all.

- Course manuals are not included due to copyright restrictions.

- Workbooks - new students require copies without writing in them. (sorry, we can not check every page for writing).

- The course your book was used in is not offered this term.

- The instructor is using a different book for your course this term.

- Your custom package is missing pieces that are required such as a CD, internet guide or pass code).

- The Bookstore is overstocked.


3. How is the buy-back price determined?


The Bookstore pays 50% of the current new price for textbooks on the ‘buyback’ list.

These books are moved into the Bookstore and sell at 75% of the current new price.


4. How much is paid for books not on the buyback list?


The textbook wholesaler (not the bookstore) determines if your books have any value.

Generally the price offered is between 10% - 40% of the new price.

Books purchased by the wholesaler are packed up and shipped to the US. They are not resold in the bookstore.


5. Why is the wholesaler's price lower than 50%?

The wholesaler's price is based upon supply and demand, like the stock market.

If a book is popular, the price goes up; if it's not, the price goes down.

Some of the wholesaler's prices are low, but some are very good;

we like you to at least have the option of getting some money for your books rather than none!

It is your choice if you want to accept the price offered.

You may decide to try and sell your books to other students via message boards in the college.


6. I have a book which is being used next term. Does that mean you will be buying it?

We try to buy as many used books as possible from our students,

but we cannot guarantee to buy back any particular book.

If we already have enough quantities of that book, we will not buy it back.

Sometimes we have a book which is used by many students in one term,

but in the next term there are fewer classes using the book, so we need fewer copies.


7. I thought you paid 50% of the current new price of any textbook.

When I went to the Book Buyback, I was offered less than 50% for my book - why?

If we don't need any more copies of your book, for whatever reason (book not being used this term,

bookstore already has enough copies, etc.) then you will be offered the wholesaler's price.


8. I'm sure my book will be used in future terms, even if it isn't being used next term.

Why can't you buy it from me now and then sell it later?

Unfortunately, we cannot be sure that the book will be used two or three terms from now.

The book may go into a new edition, and/or the instructor or department may decide to use a different book.


9. When I bought my text it had a CD but I lost it. Can I still sell it back?

We put individual notices next to texts that do require a CD, Study Guide, or whatever in order to be re-sold.

With some books we only buy them back if they have the CD, or Study Guide etc.


10. You wouldn't buy my package (Text and Study Guide) because you said the Study Guide wasn't 'clean'. Why?

Study guides need to be 'clean', in other words, the space left for answers should be blank

so that the next student can use it the way you did.

If you work in pencil, simply erase your work when you're done;

if you use pen, you'll need to use "White-out" or similar product to clean it up.


11. You wouldn't buy my text because you said it wasn't in good enough condition - why?

We do not buy texts if the binding is loose; pages are falling out, etc.

If you can fix the books so that the binding is holding together and all the pages are intact,

we will judge whether or not the book is resaleable.


12. My friend sold their book at the Buy Back but when I went, you weren't buying the book

(or were offering wholesale price rather than 50%) - why?

Your friend came early, when we were still looking for copies of that book; by the time you arrived,

we had bought all we needed. Come early!




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