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 Bookstore Direct Line: 250.561.5808

 Bookstore Fax: 250.561.5822 


 Manager, Retail, Dining & Conference Services

 Sean Robinson: 250.562.2131 Ext.5478


 Bookstore Supervisor & Textbook Buyer

 Michael Lancelot: 250.562.2131, Ext.5271


Stationery & Computer Supplies Buyer 

 Donna Middlemiss: 250.562.2131 Ext.5559


Course Supplies, Gifts & Clothing Buyer

Linda Ramsay: 250.562.2131 Ext.5569

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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