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Library Resource Guide for English 103


Finding background information


The following titles and websites can be used to investigate background information on topics relating to technology.

Finding books and media 

 books, media in catalogue

Click on the "Books, Media in catalogue" button on the CNC library webpage to find books, e-books, reports or media on a selected topic. 

  • How to find Reference books in the library on a topic

From the library catalogue page

(1) click on Power search

(2) type topic word in top search box, e.g. technolog$  [$ symbol finds word endings, e.g. technological]

(3) at library, highlight Prince George

(4) at location, highlight Reference

engl 103 screenshot


Some useful Subject terms to search in the catalogue include:

Computers and civilization

Internet  (Computer network)

Internet - Social aspects

Educational technology

Genetic engineering

Information technology - Social aspects

Science - Social aspects

Technology - Social aspects

Technological innovations

Science and industry

Technology and civilization

Human reproductive technology

Finding Journal or newspaper articles


Many online journals or journal article citations are available via these online journal indexes:

If you wish to find a list of CNC Library held paper format or online fulltext journals, from the library's Journals page, click on Online A-Z Title/Subject



Newspaper Indexes

Finding Statistics

Statistics can be collected by a variety of sources, including agencies. Check the links under the library’s Statistics link to explore the data available there.


Seeking assistance


If you need any assistance with research, please approach the librarians at the Information Desk, or fill out the Ask a Librarian form on the library’s web page.


Good luck! If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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