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Fun Stuff 

Here are some of the fun places I've visited in pursuit of a good newsletter story. Some of these have become favourite hang-outs of mine, let me know what yours are!  ...  contact Kathy Plett  ... 



Save on stamps! send animated, musical email greetings to friends and family...

Word Games & Puzzles

 Humour Reduces Stress! Take 5...

 Find out about Yourself

   Calculate your Carbon Footprint: how much are you impacting the environment?


  • the moderlode for clipart, need $ membership (note, CNC Media Services also has loads of clipart files you can use)
  • ArtToday: amazing selection of clip/web art, need $ membership
  • Mr. Picassohead: become a Cubist painter
  • Whoophy: visual tour of the world using wonderful amateur photographers' photos

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 Cool Cats


 And Other Silliness