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New Books List Service by Email


The New Books List Service (by email) provides employees with a list of new items added to collections, in their chosen subject classification areas, on a regular basis. Sample lists are posted on the library website (click here to view them). To be added to the service - print this page, check off subjects of interest to you, add your name/etc. and return to us by mail or email.

__ A General __ QA Mathematics
__ B-BJ Philosophy, Psychology __ QB Astronomy
__ BL-BX Religion __ QC Physics
__ C-FC History __ QD Chemistry
__ G-GF Geography __ QE Geology
__ GN-GT Anthropology __ QH Natural History
__ GV Sports, Recreation __ QK Botany
__ H Social Sciences, General __ QL Zoology
__ HA Statistics __ QM Human Anatomy
__ HB Economic Theory __ QP Physiology
__ HC Economic History __ QR Microbiology
__ HD Land, Agriculture, Industry __ R Medicine
__ HE Transportation, Communication __ S Agriculture, Forestry, SWL Small Woodlands
__ HF Commerce __ T Technology, General
__ HG-HJ Finance __ TA-TH Engineering, Construction
__ HM-HV Sociology, Criminology __ TJ-TN Mechanical, Electrical, Mining
__ HX Socialism, Communism __ TP Chemical Technology
__ J Political Science __ TR Photography
__ K Law __ TS Manufacturing
__ L Education __ TT Arts, Crafts
__ M Music __ TX Food, Hospitality Industry
__ N Art __ U-V Military, Naval Science
__ P-PT Language & Literature __ Z Word Processing, Graphics, Library Science
__ PZ Juvenile Literature __ _____ Special subject lists (please describe)
e.g. Computers, Women's studies
__ Q Science (General) __ _____ Limit to a campus - e.g. Quesnel

__ _____ FULL LIST

Your Name: ____________________________ Email: ________________________________
Phone: ________________________________ Date: _______________________________

Mail to: College of New Caledonia Library, 3330 - 22nd Ave., Prince George BC V2N 1P8
or Email to:


3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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