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Small Woodlands Collection


The Small Woodlands Program of BC has established several library collections in the province: a core collection at Malaspina University College in Nanaimo, a collection serving north-central BC at the College of New Caledonia (CNC)  in Prince George, and materials available through the Forrex Forest Research Extension Partnership. Items in these collections are available to all registered patrons of these libraries.  This page provides connections to catalogues so you can search for items, as well as more detailed information on searching and requesting items from CNC.

Connect to Malaspina Library Catalogue Small Woodlands

Connect to Forrex Forest Research Extension Partnership

Connect to CNC Library Catalogue

Items are identified in the catalogue by SWL call numbers (e.g. SWL 01 001 01) and special subject headings.

Searching tips - Quick search

  • Enter a word or phrase in the search box:

e.g. mushrooms
e.g. christmas trees
e.g. silvic$ (finds silviculture, silvicultural - use $ to expand word endings)
e.g. insects and video$ (use and/or/not to combine random terms in title, subject, format, etc.; use video$ to find videorecordings and dvds)



  • Click on Search Everything for a list of all college library holdings, including items with Small Woodlands SWL call numbers
  • Click on VIEW to see more details on each item

-- see library holdings/availability  (at bottom)
-- click on underlined subject headings or other links to find related items, or to view online documents

Other search options

  • Call Number tab:  Small Woodlands items are organized by a special call number/subject classification.  Under this tab you can search by specific number: e.g. SWL 24 (Christmas trees). Choose library: PR-GEORGE when you do this search.  Click here for a full breakdown of the SWL call number classification.

CNC Access and Delivery Options

Online:  Some titles are available in full-text online.  Simply click on the highlighted "electronic access" link to view, save or print the online document.

Faxbacks:  Some titles are available by fax (or as copies by mail). Look for the word FAXBACK in the description.  To obtain a copy, simply phone or email the Prince George campus library Interlibrary Loan Department (see contact numbers below)

Loans:  Most titles are available on loan, usually for 2-4 weeks with a 5-item limit on requests.  If you live in the College region and have convenient access to any of our campus libraries, please go to the library to register as a community borrower and place your loan request.  If this is not convenient, please phone the Prince George campus Interlibrary Loan Department to discuss other delivery options.

For more information on the Small Woodlands Program, please contact

CNC Library-Prince George
3330 - 22nd Ave.
Prince George BC V2N 1P8
Telephone: 250-561-5811
Toll free: 1-800-371-8111 local 5811


Continuing Education Department

College of New Caledonia
3330 - 22nd Ave.
Prince George BC V2N 1P8
Phone (toll-free) 1-800-371-8111 local 5801

or visit

Small Woodlands website: 



3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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