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Library Resources in Wood Technology

College of New Caledonia Library

3330 - 22nd Ave.

Prince George BC V2N 1P8

Phone (250) 561-5811

Fax (250) 561-5845





Go to CNC Library Catalogue

There are over 1,500 wood-related books in CNC campus libraries. The main collection is in Prince George. It includes all Canadian Wood Council publications, most CSA standards, and a good selection of new books in architecture, construction and woodworking industries. Search the online catalogue by topic, or browse the shelves in these call number areas.

Architecture NA

Chemical processing TS 920+

Construction TA 666 and TH 1101+

Furniture making TS 880+

Wood technology and manufacture TS 800+

Woodworking TT 180+

Videos and DVDs


Go to CNC Library Catalogue  [tip: add the phrase and video$]

Popular recent additions include Home Grown-World Class promoting BC's wood products industry, the Design with Wood video series produced by the Canadian Wood Council and Carleton University, the Wood Technology series produced by North Carolina State University, and the inspiring Frank Lloyd Wright biography from PBS. To find videos and DVDs in the online catalogue, enter your search word(s) and then add the phrase and video$ - e.g. wright and video$



Topics - Go to CNC Library Journals  page

The best way to find a lot of journal articles on a topic is to search a journal index. The 3 best indexes for Wood Tech are: (1) ABI American Business Index; (2) Academic Search; and (3) Canadian Business and Current Affairs. Go to the Journal Indexes page to connect to these. Click on "Searching Tips" if you need help using a particular index.

Titles - Go to CNC Library Journals page and click on Titles A-Z List

If you are looking for a specific journal, go to the Journal Titles list posted on the Library webpage. We currently subscribe to the following titles. The webpage list gives you dates of coverage for each title, as well as links to the online journals.

In Print = at Prince George Campus Library... Online = available on any campus computer or from home by account


American woodworker magazine - Online

Armstrong saw engineer - In Print

CabinetMaker - Online

Canadian home workshop - Online

Construction type plywood - Online

Engineered wood journal - In Print + Online

Forest products journal - Online

Logging and sawmilling journal - In Print + Online

Value-Created Review: e-journal about Canadian furniture design & manufacturing - Online

Wood and fiber science - In Print

Wood design and building - In Print

Wood, Le Bois - In Print

Woodworker's journal online - Online

Web Links

Go to Google to search by keyword

Search for places like WoodWorks!, the Canadian Wood Council, the APA Engineered Wood Association, WoodNet and Woodworking Canada.

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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