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Country, City, Geographical Information

  • Anthems and Flags of the World
  • BBC Country Profiles  
  • CIA World Factbook: facts and statistics on more than 250 countries
  • Country Briefings (The Economist)
  • Country Studies (Library of Congress Area Handbooks)
  • FAO Statistical Databases: international statistics, over 1 million time-series records on agriculture, fisheries, food, forestry, land use, population, production, trade etc.
  • Flags of the World
  • Historical Country Names: formerly used names, e.g. Persia=Iran
  • INCORE Country Guides: conflict zones around the world
  • JGuide: Stanford guide to Japan information
  • Map Resources at CNC: library information sheet
  • Maporama: search by place, zip/postal code, etc. and get map
  • MapQuest: interactive atlas
  • NationMaster: fascinating stats and facts, compare different countries
  • One World: Nations Online: information about 190 countries, world population, population by continent
  • Population Statistics: historical population growth for all countries
  • Poverty: Trends, Data, Research (World Bank)
  • Poverty Reduction Strategies: by Country (World Bank)
  • Research It! with geographical tools for maps
  • UN Data: easy search interface for United Nations data
  • Yearbook of the United Nations 1946-2005- : complete contents, searchable by keyword 
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