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Library - Web Search Tools

This page lists top-rated Internet search engines, based on evaluations in Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Showdown and other sources. For best results, check the 'help' or 'search tips' page of each search engine before starting a search.


Top choice

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  • try to use very specific or unusual words, names, phrases
  • "prince george cougars"  <-- put phrases in quotes
  • "prince george cougars" schedule  <-- quickly finds schedule for Cougars
  • cookies recipes -nuts <-- add -minus in front of words not wanted
  • "lord * * flies" or "george * bush" <-- use * as a wildcard, e.g. "lord of the flies" "george w. bush" "george walker bush" etc.
  • Google Tips/Tricks Poster
  • Google Cheat Sheet  -
  • Google Scholar: articles -
  • Google Scholar advanced search -
  • Google Books: snippets of text -
  • Soople: Google searches using pull-down menus -

Library and academic subject guides

Images, graphics, photos, video, music

Other search engines

  • Yahoo: Canada/All, useful subject directory
  • Bing: Microsoft search tool  
  • ask a question; natural language searching
  • AltaVista: includes Babelfish translation tool
  • Excite: "more like this" feature, concept-based
  • Colossus: search engines by country A-Z
  • Scirus: science search engine
  • Metasearch engines: they use more than one search engine 


People and addresses

Newsgroups - blogs, usenet, mailing lists, e-zines etc.

Software Files and FTP




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