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Effective advertising should be designed and written to attract attention, elicit a positive response, and educate the public in ways that will increase enrollment and/or elevate the public perception of CNC and college programs/departments. 

  • We help with effective planning, design, and placement, ensuring your ad reaches its target market in a cost-efficient manner.
  • We facilitate the appropriate accounting for your ad and ensure conformity to CNC design standards.
Rules for advertising
  1. Contact your dean who will contact the advertising Coordinator, Lynn Jefferson, in Communication Services to discuss  the ad.
  2. The college requires that all advertising be reviewed and approved by Communications.
  3. Approval is required for display and classified advertising in newspapers and other print publications, and for advertising on radio, television, and other venues. 
  4. Marketing evaluates advertising for accuracy, clarity, correct use of English, quality of design and photography, consistency with college graphic standards and college procedures, and compliance with federal laws. The procedures below cover advertising for print—if planning to do radio or television advertising, consult Communications.
  5. Please fill out the Request for Advertising sheet and submit it to Lynn Jefferson
Three tips for effective advertising
  1. Make your message as simple and concise as possible.  Text heavy ads are overwhelming and do not get read.
  2. Use your ad as an introduction only.  Direct your reader to a CNC department or the web for more in depth information.
  3. Ensure your advertising message focuses on what is important for your audience and not what is important to you.
Steps in placing print advertising:
  1. Determine whom you want to reach with your ad, when and where you want it published, and approximately how much money you have to spend. For information on the cost of advertising space in local newspapers, contact the advertising coordinator in Communications. Get approval for ad from your Dean.
  2. FULL completion of an Request for Advertising Form available from Communications or from this website.
  3. Please provide an electronic copy of all text and be as concise as possible.
  4. Marketing reviews the ad, recommends and oversees changes as necessary, approves the finished ad, the department running the ad approves the ad, and Printing/Graphics e-mails the ad to the newspaper or other publication.
Advertising Resources


Communications Services is located on the second floor of the main Prince George campus.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.