Communication Services

Internal communications

There are several ways to get your message to the CNC Community:

  • News and Events web page:
    • We encourage everyone to add their own items to News and Events -- see our easy one-page tipsheet
    • Why use News and Events?
      • Visible to the public and all CNC staff members
      • All recent News and Events items are collected into a Monday morning e-mail to all CNC staff members
      • News and Events items can also be placed on the CNC home page by request -- contact Anne Scott. Note: Home page space is limited -- we may not be able to honour all requests.
  • E-mails to all employees (all campuses): Please note that this service is available only for urgent announcements, and that IT Services discourages mass e-mails that have attachments.





Can you add an item to CNC News and Events for me?

We ask people to add items themselves -- it's fast and easy (see our one-page tipsheet!)


Can I put personal items (such as a house for sale) in News and Events?

For this purpose, please use CNC 's E-swap. It's available to both staff and students.


Communications Services is located on the second floor of the main Prince George campus.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.