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All staff members are invited to contact us about CNC activities. The more we know, the more we can provide to the media as releases, exclusives, or notes.

How to arrange a media release

  1. Give us the details (electronic version preferred), at least one week before your event/announcement.
  2. We’ll edit and format the release for maximum impact. You’ll be able to proof it before it goes out.
  3. We then fax/e-mail the release to media (see FAQs, below). You can also request a copy to distribute. Depending on the opportunity, we may use our contacts for an exclusive.

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Other media activities

We also coordinate and initiate

  • Public service announcements
  • News conferences
  • Press kits
  • Photo opportunities
  • Exclusives
  • Other publicity opportunities

Our mandate

We act on behalf of the institution with regards to all public commentary referring to college business, unless directed to an alternative contact by the president or where appropriate. If an alternative is named as the key contact, we will help facilitate that contact for the media.

Five tips for effective media releases

    • Put the most newsworthy information at the beginning of the release and the least newsworthy information at the end.
    • Make sure you’ve addressed the Who? What? Why? When? Who? and Where? of the story in the first paragraph.
    • Shorter is better! Releases should never be longer than two pages (double-spaced) -- one page is preferable.
    • Include brief, powerful quotes from no more than three people.
    • Write for the target audience, not for yourself.

FAQs about media releases

Is there a list of local news media? Where does CNC send media releases?

We send them to local newspapers, radio and television stations, plus local MLAs and MPs, the Regional District, and members of the CNC Board and Executive.

Where appropriate, we also send releases to provincial or national media. In some situations, we'll arrange exclusive media opportunities.

Where can I look at old media releases?

Please visit our archive of media releases .


How many media releases does CNC send out?

During the academic year, we average about three per week.


Will the media run my release word for word?

Almost never! So, make sure the facts are correct, but don’t stress over the wording.


If you send out a release, will the media definitely feature my item?

It’s not guaranteed -- all we can do is send it out and follow up. Media won’t run it at all unless they think it’s newsworthy, and coverage also depends on what else is happening in the world that day. (World War 3 trumps CNC Craft Fair!)



Communications Services is located on the second floor of the main Prince George campus.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.