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Sheldon Clare
Sheldon Clare leads the procession in formal Scottish dress for the College of New Caledonia Convocation 2010, at the CN Centre.
Photo by Andrea Johnson
CNC unveils official Scottish tartan

CNC board members got their first look at the college’s official tartan Friday, during their board meeting.

CNC instructor Sheldon Clare created and registered the official tartan with The Scottish Register of Tartans and the pattern was unveiled during the board’s regularly scheduled meeting. 

cnc tartan

“I have often piped for the CNC Convocation and it seemed appropriate to me that the College of New Caledonia should have a tartan of its own considering the area received its name from explorer Simon Fraser,” said Clare, a bagpiper who teaches English at the college.

Simon Fraser named the area “New Caledonia because, it is believed, the country reminded him of his mother’s descriptions of the Scottish Highlands,” according to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

Clare said he chose the colours to reflect the college’s official coat of arms, Simon Fraser and the region’s natural setting. “The College of New Caledonia's heraldic colours of blue and gold show loyalty and achievement,” said Clare. “The dark green represents the coniferous forests of the region. The lighter green represents the natural beauty of the area. Gold is an official college colour representing prosperity. The white stripe reminds us of the area's long and snowy winters. The scarlet is to represent the arms of the explorer Simon Fraser.”

The college paid £100 pounds sterling, or about $159 Canadian, to officially register the tartan called College of New Caledonia with the Scottish Register of Tartans. CNC plans to make clothing available such as ties, socks, scarves and kilts for those who would like to special order it. E-mail for more information.

For more information:

Randall Heidt
CNC Director Communications and Development
Cell: 250-640-6161

Sheldon Clare
CNC English instructor
Cell 250-981-1841
250-562-2131 local 5602 

3330-22nd Avenue, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2N 1P8
Phone 250-562-2131 or Toll-free 1-800-371-8111

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