Communication Services

Representing CNC

The work we create represents the College of New Caledonia to our staff, students, and the community, so it’s important that we convey professionalism and pride in our institution. This guide is designed to help you use graphic elements of CNC’s visual identity to represent the College in a professional and consistent manner.

CNC Communication Services is available to assist you with all of your design needs. Our services include graphic design, writing, advertising, website design, and photography services. Please give us a call or drop by to talk about your project.

Please read this entire document before using any of the elements of CNC’s visual identity, as all the information is interrelated. If you have any questions, call Communication Services at 250.561.5859 or email

And just a reminder — the College logomarks and other elements are for official College publications only. If you have a request for the logomarks from your suppliers, please forward their request by email to and Communication Services will do the rest for you.


Download and review the Visual Identity Guide.


Communications Services is located on the second floor of the main Prince George campus.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.