Formatting text

Mark up titles that represent sections of content as headings.

  • The heading for the website section should use a heading level 1. This level of heading should only be used once per page.
  • The heading for the page should use a heading level 2. This level of heading should be used only once per page.
  • Subsequent headings should use heading level 3.
  • Subheadings within level 3 headings should be marked as heading level 4.

It’s much easier for people using assistive technologies to navigate using headings.

Proper heading set-up will also make the page easier to understand for search engines, which will improve the site’s visibility on the web, as well as the accuracy of internal searches.

It also helps with maintainability of the site. When text is properly marked up, it can restyled more easily. If a new template is applied, the content should adopt the new styles without need for additional changes. This saves time.

Setting fonts

Fonts don’t need to be manually chosen in the CMS. All styling will be done automatically when you format your text as paragraphs and headings.

  • The body font is Verdana.
  • The header font is Noticia Text.