How do I create a link?

There are two different kinds of links:

  • Internal Links lead to other pages on the CNC website.
  • External Links lead to pages outside of the CNC website, or to emails.

Online tools like the Room Finder are not part of the CMS, so they are considered external links.

  1. To create a link in the CMS, highlight the text that you want hyperlinked.
  2. Click on the Create Link icon. Create link icon
    • For Internal Links, select the page you want to link to from the menu.
    • For External Links, click on the External Link tab.
    • Insert the link URL into the Address field.
    • Choose whether the link opens in a new window or the same window. Most links should open in the same window, unless they're a file such as a PDF document.
  3. Click the Insert button