Social media

Guidelines for content

Express ideas and opinions respectfully

Don’t insult, denigrate, or defame others, including competitors.

Think carefully before linking to content. Linking to a site may imply endorsement of its content.

Be transparent

People may assume you’re speaking on behalf of the College, even when talking as an individual. If you blog about or discuss your work at CNC, be upfront and explain that you work for CNC. If you’re not an official spokesperson for the College, add a disclaimer such as the following:

“The opinions expressed are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of the College of New Caledonia.”

To avoid confusion, don’t use CNC’s logo or branding without authorization.

If you have a vested interest in something you’re discussing, make it clear.

Honour confidentiality

Online postings and conversations aren’t private. Content you post will be around for a long time, and could be shared by others. To minimize the chance of trouble, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid identifying and discussing others without their permission
  • Never discuss confidential information you’ve obtained from the College
  • Obtain permission before posting pictures or copyrighted information

Also, remember that all communications on behalf of the College are subject to the FOIPP Act.

Be honest

If you’re in a discussion related to CNC or its services, don’t make unsubstantiated claims about offerings, benefits, or pricing. If you need to respond or comment on something specific, verify details through official documentation, such as the CNC website. Make sure your source of information is current.

Stay calm

One of the goals of social media is to create discussion. Naturally, differences of opinion will occur. When disagreements happen, stay calm and express your points clearly and logically. Never pick a fight. Admit and correct your mistakes when needed.

If you’re in danger of acting rashly, it may be better to ignore a comment, rather than validating it with a response.

Credit: Thanks to Kodak for informing much of the content of these guidelines.

Last Modified: February 18, 2014

Page owners

If you're running a social media page or group as part of your work at the College, check out the guidelines for page owners.