Social media

Guidelines for page owners

These guidelines are for anyone operating a social media property that is representing the College.

  1. Follow all provincial and federal laws and guidelines.
  2. Be polite and truthful. Ensure all posts to your social media platform follow CNC’s social media guidelines for content.
  3. Use a display picture provided by Communications Services. This is to maintain brand continuity across the various social media pages, which will help give confidence to our students that your page is an official part of CNC.
  4. Give administrative access to your social media page to Communication Services. This will make it easier for our department to help if anything goes wrong.
  5. Stay timely. Part of the appeal in social media is that conversation occurs rapidly. Take the time to refresh content. Respond to questions and update information regularly. Correct outdated or wrong information.
  6. Don’t ignore, delete, hide, or report comments because you have a bias against the person making the comment, or the opinion they express. Don’t delete comments because they’re negative. Instead, respond to the commenter and address their concerns.
  7. Remove comments if they’re abusive or irrelevant. For example, remove the following:
    • comments that contain advertising or spam
    • comments of a violent, threatening, obscene, profane or defamatory nature against any person or organization
    • comments that are pornographic, or contain links to pornographic content
    • comments with illegal content, or those that encourage illegal activities
    • duplicate and repetitive messages

Get added to the official list

Contact Communications to let us know your plans, and send us the URL to your social media page. While you’re following these guidelines, we’ll list you on the official social media page.

Last Modified: February 18, 2014