Communication Services

Departmental fast facts

What does Communication Services do?
  • Web development:
    • Maintain CNC's visual identity standards on the Web
    • web samplerAdvise departments / campuses on user-friendly and effective web design
    • Create, update, and maintain hundreds (maybe thousands) of web pages. (Did you know that the CNC site gets about 5,000 visits a day? That's nearly 2 million a year!)
    • Train 30 - 40 staff members each year to maintain their own sites
    • Respond to hundreds of queries and comments on web pages annually
    • Work with departments / campuses to constantly improve navigation for site visitors
    • Maintain multimedia on the CNC website (video clips, 360º virtual tours) as well as media off-site (e.g., YouTube)

  • Events:
    • Coordinates and/or assists with over 40 by thousands of people, Events include Welcome Assembly, Convocation, Donor Appreciation Dinner, Fundraising Gala, Service Recognition Awards, Student Awards & Financial Assistance Awards, Orientation, various community and trade fairs, Career Fair, wellness fair(s), and more.

  • Graphic design / publications:
    • Maintain CNC's visual identity standards
    • Create and maintain dozens of brochures for regional programs and services
    • Create and print dozens of banners, posters, signs, and other materials, such as event programs and Kodiaks menus
    • Create annual college calendar (300 pages)
    • Create annual college viewbook (c. 30 pages)
    • Edit and design annual Continuing Education calendar 
    • Create donor / community newsletter
    • Edit selected web text, including program pages

  • Recruitment -- annual activities:
    • 50+ school visits
    • 14 education / career fairs
    • Hundreds of e-mail, written, and telephone inquiries
    • More than 20 campus tours
    • Two phone-a-thons

  • Fundraising
    • Annual fundraising dinner
    • Watch for this area to expand dramatically soon!




Communications Services is located on the second floor of the main Prince George campus.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.