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Media Lab 3D printing services

Media Services is pleased to offer a 3D printing service. Special thanks to CNC Applied Research and VectorFinesse for their support of this initiative

We have a Tinkerine DittoPro 3D printer and a variety of filament colours. The filament is a bio-friendly polylactic acid made from corn and sugar cane.

Creating a 3D Project

  • Create a 3D model and save it as a .STL (Stereolithography) file format
  • Check out any number of websites where creative individuals have posted their projects for anyone to use
3D Model Downloads thousands of models to check out with more added each day More info about 3D printing and links to modelling sites

Free Modelling Software - the tutorial section is quite extensive - log in and learn how to use this program by accessing LEARN - tutorials link to youtube videos - tutorials link to youtube videos

Printing a 3D Project

1. Bring your project to Media Services and we will discuss the project with you.

  • a. Sizing
  • b. Colour preference
  • c. Time/cost of printing your project

We charge a flat rate of $5/hour (minimum charge $5)

How printing costs are calculated:
  • $5 (up to 1 hour of printing time)
  • $10 ( up to 2 hours)
  • $15 ( up to 3 hours) – etc.
  • Special projects will be charged on a project basis

2. When your project has finished printing, you will then be charged for the project. We accept cash, debit or credit cards at the Library Circulation Desk. Should you decide to cancel your project before it has finished printing, you will still be charged for time used.

3D printed fish 

Background Information

Introduction to 3D printing at CNC
7 Functional Things our 3D Printers Have Done in Prince George
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