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What are the guidelines for equipment use?

Media Services equipment is available for booking to college employees and students, and, on a cost-per-loan basis to community users. College-related use takes priority over community use. Users are responsible for replacement or repair of damaged or stolen equipment.

Employees - How do I borrow AV equipment?

It's simple! If you're an employee, just fill out an Equipment Circulation form and return it to us (or put the form in our mailbox) at least 24 hours before you need the equipment. If you want to borrow equipment on more than one date you'll need to fill out a separate form for each date.

What if I need the equipment outside regular hours?

No problem! You can borrow a key for the equipment lock-up (Room 2-709) from us. Just check the "Key Required" box on the Equipment Circulation form, then pick up the key from us during regular hours or pick up the key in the library. When you're finished with the equipment you've borrowed, just return it to the equipment lock-up (Room 2-709) and deposit the key in the key drop box in the lock-up room.

Can I borrow equipment for more than just a few days?

You can borrow equipment on a short-term loan basis (e.g. up to 3 weeks). Longer term loans (up to a semester) are available for only a few items in our inventory, such as netbooks. In most cases, longer term loans will involve having your department purchase the equipment. Audio-visual equipment requests will go through your Dean/Director for approval and a budget code and Media Services will then order the item.  Computer/digital equipment requests will go through your Dean/Director and the Information Technology Services department for purchase. 

Classroom equipment may include desktop/tabletop overhead projectors and screens (serviced by Media Services) and centrally mounted projectors (serviced by Information Technology Services). If you would like to have equipment permanently placed in a room, on a long-term placement, please follow the same procedure as above. By the way, the projectors and screens shouldn't be removed without permission from Media Services. If your desktop/tabletop overhead projector isn't working, please return it to Media Services for an exchange/replacement unit. After hours, please leave a message with Media Services at Local 5805.   

Students - Are students allowed to borrow equipment too?

Students may use equipment for presentations and projects in your class. They will need to fill out a Student Use form, and show their current CNC Student Card at the time they book, and later pick up, the equipment. Note, due to the demands placed on our equipment, students are normally limited to loans of up to 3 days only, and we have a late-return charge of $10/day for students who are more than a day late in returning items.

Community - Can community members borrow equipment?

Yes, although some conditions apply. For example, college-related use takes priority over community use. There is a cost per loan. The user must present suitable Photo ID. For details, contact Media Services at 250-561-5805.

What if equipment is damaged or lost?

You are responsible for the equipment you have booked. If equipment is damaged or lost, you may be charged for repair or replacement. Missing equipment should be reported immediately to Security at Local 5200, and to Media Services at Local 5805. You will be asked to fill out a "Report of Missing Items and/or Theft" form. 

And if I find the equipment?

You should report that immediately to Media Services at Local 5805.

How is regional campus equipment handled?

Media Services coordinates the purchase and distribution of media equipment at all campuses. If you work in a regional campus and need a piece of equipment, please request it through your campus director, for evaluation and referral to Media Services. The equipment may be purchased directly, using campus funds, or identified as a future capital request. When the equipment is purchased, it is numbered and added to the central inventory before being sent to the campus. Periodic checks on campus equipment are done, to ensure that equipment has not gone missing. If a piece of equipment is missing or stolen, it should be reported to Media Services immediately using the “Report of Missing Items and/or Theft” form. If a piece of equipment needs repair, it can be sent directly to Media Services. Please contact Media Services before shipping.

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