Procurement Services

Procurement Services is available to provide CNC employees and external vendors with one point of contact when purchasing goods or services regardless of how complex or low the dollar threshold purchase may be.

As a Government funded organization there are additional guidelines for fair purchasing practices that we must follow ensuring we give all concerned an opportunity to compete for CNC business. Procurement has recently updated and revised all of our policies, contracting documents and templates. As a CNC employee purchasing goods and services on behalf of the College, you are responsible to know the following policies and procedures to ensure you comply with these rules and regulations:

The Procure to Pay Process is also available to you to use as a resource to reference anytime you need to make a purchase. It walks you through the process of purchasing a good or service for CNC and will help you see where the policies come into play so you can relate the policy to the appropriate step within the process.

Ensure Compliance and add Value to your Purchases

Procurement adds value in many ways, from before the purchase is initiated to well after the goods have arrived or the service completed, such as stewardship of contracts:

  • A trackable process will be in place. If you need the same goods or service at a later date, you will be able to find details of your original order in Colleague.
  • Effective management of Annual Service Agreements. If a contract has come through the Procurement Department, we will endeavor to track it and advise when it is close to expiring.
  • Assisting you on how your request may impact other areas (i.e.; Standardized equipment or products – see below)
  • We will cover off the legal side of things – Service Contracts, Contractor Insurance, warranties, freight etc.
  • Avoids duplication of efforts – you may be needing something that Procurement has already sourced for someone else.

Procurement Services will process all requests according to AD-F-2.13 Procurement Contract Authority Policy.

Where to Start....

All Purchases start with a Requisition. Colleague is CNC’s tool for initiating a Requisition for goods or services. To create a Requisition:

  1. You must have a Colleague account to access Requisition. (Request Form can be found on the CNC Website/IT Services/Forms) As soon as this step is completed and approved, you will receive a e-notification with password.
  2. Log on to the CNC website, select Procurement Requisition Manual link. There you will find step by step direction on how to fill out a requisition, password approval maintenance and approval information to get you started.
  3. Please call Procurement Services if you need assistance.

What if I need to buy...

The College has determined that the primary responsibility for defining specifications for certain products and services will be administered as follows:

  • Computer Hardware & Software – Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Technology Services (or designate)
  • Furniture - (classrooms/common areas/ergonomics) – Director of Facilities (or designate)
  • Textbooks – Manager, Retail & Dining Services (or designate)
  • Library Collections – Director, Resource Centre (or designate)
  • Construction/Renovation Specifications – Director, Facilities (or designate)

For further information or questions please feel free to contact us:

College of New Caledonia
Procurement Services
3330 22nd Ave.
Prince George, B.C. V2N 1P8

250-561-5809 or toll-free at 1-800-371-8111

To find our location within the College see the Map Here

Please check out the Procurement Requisition Manual for screen by screen support when submitting a requisition through Colleague.

Asset Disposal

The College disposes of its surplus assets through the Provincial Government's Asset Investment Recovery Branch.