Contact Us

Linda Terry, Admissions Officer
Email Terry
Ext. 5378

Suzy Merritt, Admissions Assistant
Email Suzy
Ext. 5221

Jane Warburton, Admissions Officer - International
Email Jane
Ext. 5531

Aleakie Ntapas, Admissions Assistant - International Email Aleakie
Ext. 5337

Teresa Walton, Public Service Representative Email Teresa
Ext. 5252

Amber Reay, Public Service Representative Email Amber
Ext. 5470

Marli Holmes, Public Service Representative Email Marli
Ext. 5273

Deena Rogers, Acting - Records Clerk
Email Deena
Ext. 5364

Pam Flagel, Acting - Records Clerk

Ext. 5261

Terri Dauvin, Records Clerk - Continuing Education
Email Terri
Ext. 5801

Information Specialist / Switchboard
Ext. 5253

Shona Talbot, Scheduler
Email Shona
Ext. 5417

Satvinder Aulakh, Scheduling Assistant
Email Satvinder
Ext. 5330

Denise Carmichael, Cashier/Room Bookings
Email Denise
Ext. 5839


Admissions is located on the first floor of the main Prince George campus, by the front entrance.


Mon - Thurs, 9am - 4pm.
Fri, 9:30am - 4pm