Aboriginal Resource Centre

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The Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) is located on the first floor of the Prince George campus, which is on the traditional territory of the Lheidli T'enneh. We acknowledge their graciousness for welcoming knowledge-seekers to their territory.


Together we can raise awareness of Aboriginal issues and promote a new relationship of cooperation and a sharing of knowledge. 


The College of New Caledonia strives to create a learning experience that will meet the needs of Aboriginal students and their communities. Aboriginal services are available to all students of Aboriginal ancestry. CNC has the support services to help Aboriginal students achieve their educational goals. The ARC staff acknowledges the specific needs of Aboriginal students. If you are attending CNC or thinking of applying, ARC staff will work with you to ensure you have a rewarding and successful experience at CNC.

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The ARC provides a variety of services to Aboriginal students, including the following:

  • Tutoring (check the tutoring room window for hours)
  • Advice on financial support
  • Liaison with band, faculty, and other
  • Academic advising & career planning
  • Understanding the academic requirements of CNC
  • Advice on support services at CNC & in Prince George
  • In addition, ARC provides a drop-in study centre for Aboriginal students and supports the activities of the Dream Hunters Aboriginal Student Club at CNC
  • The Staff at ARC provides moral support, encouragement and “a friendly listening post” to Aboriginal students whenever possible.  

The ARC works with the entire College community to support them in becoming more aware of Aboriginal issues.

ARC staff will:

  • Provide cross-cultural workshops & information
  • Recommend various Aboriginal resource people
  • Liaison with Aboriginal communities & organizations 

The ARC is involved in developing programs to meet the needs of Aboriginal learners at CNC. These include:

  • Ethnomathematics in College & Career Preparation
  • Diploma/Certificate in First Nations Studies
  • Fine Arts 107 is an Aboriginal studio arts course
  • Aboriginal Youth Mentoring Program that mentors Aboriginal high school students
  • Cultural Advisor who assists our CNC students
  • First Nations Studies 100/101 focus on local Yinka Dene (Carrier) culture 


Marlene, Christine and Jessica from the ARC

Marlene Erickson, Christine Dawson and Jessica Erickson

        Come visit us at CNC's Prince George campus in Room 1-773

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 Students and Staff in the ARC 

 We have:

  • A full-time academic advisor
  • Part-time tutoring support
  • A part-time cultural advisor
  • A computer lab with 12 computers and printer
  • A telephone for local calls
  • A quiet study room
  • A private tutoring room
  • Access to a kitchenette
  • A coffee club
  • Craft supplies and monthly crafting activities
  • Monthly potlucks


Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday


Open through the summer, closed on Holidays 


*The picture at the top of this page is called "Dakelhne". The large print hanging in the ARC is one of only 10 copies, created by Dennis Cumberland, an artist from Fort St. James. While kayaking on Stuart Lake, Cumberland began taking pictures and mapping by GPS the petroglyph sites he found. The result is a beautiful collection of Dakelh history.